Light weight, aesthetic quality, structure and production flexibility.

As regards the automotive sector we produce cosmetic and structural parts guaranteeing great flexibility and responsiveness in production programmes. The use of top quality composite and raw materials means that our products are durable, light and strong. Even if not specifically requested, we apply all the stringent quality requirements typical of aeronautical production also in the automotive sector, from serialisation of parts to complete traceability of the production cycle and the materials used.

Most parts are designed in collaboration with our clients so as to optimise the process in terms of aesthetics, costs and productivity. All the pieces we produce are considered structural and often aesthetic at the same time, with extremely high quality paintwork for exposed carbon and coloured bodywork.
We are able to satisfy requests for a single vehicle or prototype and a high number whether small or large such as chassis, roofs, trunks and bumpers. Production is divided into 3 macro areas:

  • interiors and dashboards, essentially aesthetic
  • bodywork, aesthetic and otherwise, for the racing sector and automotive sector in general
  • chassis