Luigi Peroni – CEO & Founder

“We live and work in an increasingly complex world in which it is difficult to get one’s bearings. Sociologists talk about the “liquid society” in constant movement and never-ending evolution. The present seems full of problems and the future uncertain. Nevertheless, anyone who can count on their dedication, professionalism and planning ability has and must make an effort to maintain HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

Our company has always had this hope and will always have it! It is in our DNA, it belongs to our tradition and shapes our tomorrow. Without any ifs and buts. No one here has ever wondered: “What can society do for me?” Everyone has felt it their duty to turn the question around: “What can I do for my society?” What CBS SRL – Advanced Composite does and the way it operates makes the company naturally oriented toward the future. Right from its origins. A tradition that works as a launch pad to improve tomorrow what is done best today and will be even better the day after. This is our working philosophy, the conviction of our team. The facts are the proof and our willpower confirms this day after day. Problems stimulate us rather than intimidate us. Working all together… productively we will succeed!”

Since 1989, CBS has been working in the world of advanced composites. Thanks to the high level of know-how acquired over the years, CBS is now a benchmark company on the market of composite materials made of carbon fibre. Production includes all those processes behind the creation of advanced composite components and sandwich panels. The strong presence of CBS in all areas where top-quality standards, performance and organization are required, is a clear indication of the company’s skills and expertise. In its two plants it employs the most advanced production technologies with a plant and machine inventory enabling to look after all the stages of the production process, from component design through to Numerical Control and Quality Control operations. Production flexibility is such as to satisfy all specific needs and special requirements in the field of high-tech manufacturing, starting with model development, the prototyping of “one-of-a-kind” items right through to large-volume production.


Become a leader in the advanced composites market for the automotive and aeronautics sectors where the highest levels of aesthetic and structural quality are required, satisfying the requirements of both prototype and high volume production.


Pursue excellence as a co-maker in high technology processes, ensuring the maximum possible specialisation, flexibility and quality.


Attention to clients – Passion – Quality – Discretion/Confidentiality – Image and reputation – Staff management/Training – Innovation – Professionalism




When CBS was founded it produced structural laminates and sandwich panels.


It started working advanced composite materials with the installation of the first autoclave. Production of the first pieces for the racing world started, especially for F1, and this was when we started working with Ferrari and Minardi (now Toro Rosso).


The collaboration with Ferrari grew to include the GT with the F50 project.


Company growth led to the operating centre being transferred to a new larger site and two more autoclaves for production were introduced.


CBS started working in compliance with ISO 9002 standards and in 2003 upgraded to UNI ISO 9001-2000.


CBS became a qualified producer of advanced structural and non-structural composite components parts for AGUSTA. The production department’s first 5-axis NC workstation was introduced for machining special products.


Status as a qualified supplier was also obtained from AERMACCHI.


The factory was expanded with particular focus on the clean room and an NC plotter was purchased for cutting prepreg materials.


The existing 5-axis workstation was replaced with a new larger and more powerful one.


An air-conditioned area was created for gluing and finishing parts; a constant temperature control room was also set up with an Arm2 and a Tricord 2000 for dimensional controls on master models, moulds and parts.


One of the workstations was replaced with a 5-axis milling machine also suitable for mechanical processes.


Two new autoclaves and a new 5-axis workstation were brought in, while in 2008 a second plotter was purchased for cloth cutting. In the same year a second 100 m² clean room was created and the test laboratory was expanded with a new DSC.


CBS obtained specific UNI EN 9100 certification for the aeronautics sector. In the same period the “F430 Scuderia” programme had the effect of increasing production to as many as 15 kits per day. The clean room acquired 2 laser edge Virtek multitasking systems to position fabrics ready for lamination and a CATIA V5 workstation with a composites software package.


Work was completed in the new production site ready for opening in June 2011. The new site expanded all departments with the purchase of new and more powerful machinery, of which the pride and joy is without doubt the new 600 m² clean room, entirely in class M6.5/100000.


The OHSAS 18001 certification process was concluded for occupational health and safety The F150 project (LaFerrari) was something to be proud of.


The F150 project (LaFerrari) was something to be proud of.


The production site in Bienate di Magnago was expanded with a new building covering 2,500 m² and the clean room was extended to a floor area of 1000 m².


CBS started collaborating with PSA-Motorsport.


A fourth press specific for compression moulding was acquired. Environmental ISO 14001 certification was obtained.


A new Press and a new CNC machine were acquired.

Approval for the Production of Rearview Mirrors.


Ferrari Pista Project.



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 Ferrari F1 

PSA – Motorsport

Toro Rosso



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