• 1000 x 2000 220°C @ 10 bar
  • 1350 x 3000 200°C @ 9 bar
  • 1800 x 4600 200°C @ 10 bar
  • 2200 x 4600 220°C @ 10 bar
  • 2600 x 5000 200°C @ 10 bar
  • 3000 x 6000 200°C @ 10 bar


  • 4 daylights 1500 x 3200 mm. max.250 tons. – 180°C
  • 2 daylights 750 x 750 mm. Max 80 tons. – 180°C
  • 1 daylights 400 x 400 mm. Max 80 tons. – 180°C
  • Compression moulding 1400 x 2200 mm. Max 1500 tons.


  • CNC 5 axis X 4.800 Y 2.600 Z 1.200
  • CNC 5 axis X 2.600 Y 1.500 Z 1.200
  • CNC 5 axis X 2.600 Y 2.800 Z 1.300
  • CNC 5 axis X 2.600 Y 4.000 Z 1.300
  • CNC 5 axis X 3.500 Y 1.800 Z 1.200
  • CNC 5 axis X 4.800 Y 3.600 Z 1.200


  • 1000 m²
  • class M6.5/100000 (ISO8)
  • 3 NC plotter
  • Virtek LaserEdge Projector


  • Dynamometer 50KN with SIT certification
  • DSC TA Instrumentation
  • Electronic balance Kern mod. ALS12044
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Glossmeter
  • Fire test cabin
  • Climate test cabin
  • C-Scan ultrasound equipment
  • 3D dimensional control machine triaxial
  • 500X2.500×1.500 laser “arm” CAM2 FARO


  • Delcam Power Mill/Power Shape; EdgeCam; Pathtrace; Rhinoceros.
  • CAD / CAM station for CNC cutting / nesting and Zund plotter; Cad software LECTRA
  • Calcomp digitalizer A0
  • 3D printer

Design - Co-design with the customer

CBS has a technical department made up of several highly specialized people, who besides designing the model to create the mould, the mould itself and the entire tool chain, also provide customer support during product design.

Model creation

A small stock of model boards makes it possible to promptly start working models using NC machines as soon as we receive a customer request. We also work with soft materials to reduce costs and production times.

Mould construction

Once the model has been obtained and its correct dimensions have been checked, the next step is the lamination of the mould in carbon. We work with various types of carbon and aluminium moulds.

Shape nesting and plotter cutting

To optimize process time and save material, kits are created for most parts in production.


Lamination is at the heart of the entire production process: a 1000 square metre clean room in Iso 8, split up into different zones, allows making parts, when so required, in total confidentiality. Inside the clean room, both automotive parts and aircraft parts are laminated with extreme care.

Curing (quality check)

6 autoclaves of different sizes permit catering to a large variety of products and high numbers. After curing, the part undergoes quality control.

NC machining

5 NC machines are used to finish parts, create models and other mechanical machining operations.

Finishing and assembly

2 different finishing departements permit to realize both “standard” production parts and confidential and private projects. The company also has a bonding room qualified for aeronautical bonding.

Quality control

A Quality lab produces test specimens and performs destructive and non-destructive tests. The metrology lab checks the dimensional conformity of the part. Last, but not least, a visual check is made.


Thanks to the skill and long experience of our expert painters, CBS is able to provide a very high quality coating service both in clear coat and in original vehicle paint.

Visual inspection and packing

The conformity and high aesthetic quality of the product is also ensured by an additional visual check before packaging.