At CBS, the Quality aspect is considered a strategic element in achieving customer satisfaction. This is why the company is constantly committed to the on-going improvement of its processes and products. Currently the Quality Department consists of three areas:

Quality Office

The function of which is to maintain the Quality Management System in accordance with the principles of ISO 9001 and EN 9100, to monitor the production process, its own and that of its suppliers and the main Key Performance Indicators using statistical techniques, to spread awareness of Total Quality and to promote on-going improvement.

Control Department

Responsible for incoming and outgoing inspections of materials, semi-finished and finished products. Quality Inspectors are qualified to perform dimensional checks using two NC machines.
I Fratelli Rotondi Tricord machine with Metromec measurement software
II Anthropomorphic robot arm with CAM2 laser scanning and Geomagic software.
They also carry out visual controls on workstations exposed to light sources, as per specifications, in order to expose any kind of cosmetic defects.
Finally, they are trained to follow ICP methodology (Initial Customer Perception), as required by our main clients.


is responsible for integrating department tests by performing destructive and non-destructive tests on incoming/outgoing materials to certify the quality of products used/delivered. It also supports the company’s R&D project through tests.

Over the years, the laboratory has been expanded with new machinery. It is currently equipped with the following instrumentation:
– Galdabini Sun 5 dynamometer
– Combustion testing equipment
– Muffle furnace
– Glossmeter

The main tests performed are:
– Paint testing (hardness, thickness, gloss, adhesion)
– Testing of physical properties of prepregs (weight, flow, resin content, volatile content, gel time)
– Testing of physical properties of laminate (density, % fibre content, % void)
– Mechanical properties of laminate (traction, flexion, shear, peel)
– Thermal properties of prepregs (differential scanning calorimetry)
– Physical and mechanical properties of structural adhesives
– Physical and mechanical properties of honeycomb



ISO 14001

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

UNI EN 9100:2009

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Certificates in the aerospace industry from:


Agusta Westland

Certificates in the automotive industry from:

Aston Martin