Aesthetics, technology and design.

The nautical sector was one of the first to make use of composites. Despite this, advanced composites still remain very much the domain of a niche market where the impact of higher costs is abundantly outweighed by the characteristics of the materials used. The main applications are still in the world of high and top level regattas and luxury vessels where the quest for lightness and aesthetics is most intense.

For years CBS has been producing components for sailing boat mechanical systems, working with one of the world leaders in this sector. Besides representing the ultimate in technology on the international scene, these products are made mainly of exposed carbon fibre to satisfy the aesthetic demands of a clientele with a sharp and constant eye for detail.

CBS has worked with Harken in the design and production of many parts for boats used in the America’s Cup, supplying almost all the competing teams. We have also worked with some of the large boatyards to produce the interior decor for sailing boats and luxury yachts.